Hostgator Hosting Plans

Hostgator has three types of hosting plans: reseller hosting, VPS and dedicated servers. These three plans offer hosting services to meet the individual needs of their customer base.  Each plan allows customers a certain amount of free applications as well as unlimited disc space and bandwidth.  They differ in what each is capable of doing.   This Hostgator hosting plans review will inform you and help you decide which plan is right for you.

A VPS (Virtual Private Server) is meant to bridge the gap between a shared server and a dedicated server.  It meets the needs of those who want the benefit of a dedicated server but at a cheaper price.   Hostgator VPS comes with e-mail and web services provided by some of the top names in the business such as Comcast, Microsoft and Time Warner. One reviewer said that they signed up for the VPS package full of doubts.  They knew that there was no way the company could provide all that they had promised.   He said that they delivered and he happily had to eat his words.

A dedicated server is set up for those businesses that have high demands (traffic, need for speed, etc.)  While pricey, a dedicated server package gets you your very own server that you don’t have to share with anyone else.  The benefits of a dedicated server include high speed internet and the ability to handle large amounts of traffic.  Dedicated servers allow the user to have more control over what is happening at their site.  They can monitor usage, error reports and run times.  There are four different dedicated server packages ranging in price from $139/month to $299/month.   Each package comes with an Intel core and a free control panel.  The difference in price is because each package offers a different amount of memory and a different number of cores.  One Hostgator hosting plans review said that one customer reported having three servers.  This customer said that they enjoy high speed times even during high usage. They have remained a customer for years.

Reseller hosting is meant for those starting up their own hosting business. With this plan, the customer uses Hostgator servers to host their customers. Hostgator reselling starts at under $20.00 a month. This package comes with free control panel so that customers can see what is happening with their sites.  Unlimited domains and disc space enables these new businesses to grow. Customers that have given reviews state that the set up wizard is a bit hard to understand at first. But, with a little patience they caught on fast. All customers report a run time of 99.9%, even during peak hours. All customers gave Hostgator high rankings and said that they regularly recommend Hostgator to their friends and business associates.

All packages come with a 45 day money back guarantee.  Customer support is reported as being superb, with the staff being knowledgeable. Customers report that any problems they have had in the past were handled right away in an efficient manner.

HostGator Dedicated Server Plans

Hostgator is an internationally known web hosting company doing business in over 200 countries.  Hostgator server hosting has over 600 dedicated professionals providing 24 hour service, 7 days a week.  They are open year round, including major holidays.  They offer three hosting packages: reseller hosting, VPS hosting and dedicated servers.   These packages provide hosting services to resellers and e-commerce customers. This is a green company that has invested in wind power to help offset computer emissions.

Brent Oxley, a former student at Florida Atlantic University, started the company in 2002.  In the beginning, he ran the company out of his dorm room.  But, it didn’t take long for Hostgator to flourish into the award winning company that it is today.  In just under ten years, this company has grown into a major hosting company with over 600 employees working diligently to serve the company’s more than 400,000 customers. Hostgator server hosting is used by small business owners and freelancers and Fortune 500 companies.  They turn to this company because of its dependable service with an uptime of 99.9%.  Needless to say, the company soon outgrew its small office in Florida.  Now, the company resides in a large, modern facility in the state of Texas.

This company has an excellent reputation and this includes the customer support department.  Customer support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They can be reached in one of three ways: phone, e-mail and live chat. A recent survey showed that customers give high ratings to Hostgator in this department.  One of the reasons for these fine reviews is that users reach a live person when they call for support and not an automated telephone line.  The average wait time for a return e-mail is less than twenty minutes.  This company provides a 45 day money back guarantee to all new hosting packages.

Hostgator is a favorite among computer enthusiasts and they have the awards to prove it. It has been awarded the fastest growing privately owned company in Texas. Inc magazine named it in the top 25 fastest growing companies for two consecutive years. presented the company with the Five Star Award in the area of customer satisfaction.  In 2010, Hostgator was named the best reseller hosting business by WebHost magazine has given it the much sought after Highest Recommendation award. These coupled with the excellent user ratings, proves that Hostgator is worthy of all the attention it is getting.

The company’s employees are considered the best and brightest in their field.  Brent Oxley remains in the forefront of the decision making process. He takes customer satisfaction so seriously that he has even been known to talk to customers himself via phone.  Chief Technical Advisor, David Collins started out being self taught before becoming the technical guru that he is today. Lance Custen is a good friend of Oxley’s and they went to college together.  They worked together since the very beginning. Now Custen is the CEO and he is involved in making many of the company’s strategic planning decisions.

HostGator Discounts

One thing that most people look for when they are looking at website hosting is HostGator discounts. While website hosting is popular, it can still be out of some people’s budgets, especially when it comes to needing certain benefits and packages. This is why it is important to check for any discount codes and coupons on the Internet.

One of the best ways to gain a discount is changing the length of your plan. The longer that you opt to use the website hosting site, the less you will end up paying for it. It can save you around three dollars per month, depending on the plan that you opt for but it will tie you in for a longer period, so you have to be certain that you want the website for that long. If you are just starting out with a single personal blog, you may not want it come a year’s time.

You will always need to check for coupons on a regular basis while you are looking into website hosting because there will always be new ones that pop up now and again. The first type of discount code that you will usually find will be to offer a set amount of money off. Beware, these will usually have fine print that will read up to that amount of money off and there will be a number of conditions.

The next will be a set percentage off and again you will need to read the fine print to ensure that you really will get that percentage off your total bill or whether you will gain a up to a certain percent, depending on the plan choice. Some percentages also work on the average cost of a plan so you may be stuck with a certain one rather than the one that you really want.

The next type of discount that you will generally find will offer you a set amount of months free. Sometimes this is the best discount offered because it could generally offer you a three year plan for a lower price. However, you could find yourself needing to buy a certain amount of months and then gaining an extra few months at the end.

As with anything, when it comes to coupons and discount codes, it is important to read the fine print and compare them all so that you get the best deal possible. You will also need to consider what you want your website for so that you do not end up buying a plan that, once the discount is finished with, will leave you spending more than you needed to.

Sometimes, you are best looking at what a plan can offer you too. Some HostGator discounts are for specific plans and they may not benefit you. While you do want to save money, you also need to remember the amount of money that you could gain. Opting for a dedicated server without a coupon may be the best thing that you could do if you want your business to reach the whole world.

HostGator vs. GoDaddy – Which is Best?

Shopping around for website hosting site can be time consuming and you are often left trying to decide between two different sites. When it comes to HostGator vs. GoDaddy, you should make a list of the pros and cons of each site before you make a snap decision or flip a coin. You should also go through the list of reasons for your website too since you may have missed something earlier when going through the different companies.

Both companies are two of the most well known for website hosting and they also offer domain registration. Most recently, GoDaddy has been using advertising during the Super Bowl to gain more attention and has been around since 1997. HostGator has only been in business since 2002.

There is a lot of graphical content to get past when you first visit the GoDaddy website and the amount of endorsement advertising can be extremely off-putting. However, it is very easy to use once you get past it all. GoDaddy is one of the best for cheap domain registration, offering some of the less popular ones for less than 2 dollars. Even the most popular ones are less than ten dollars. There are a number of different plans available and all are suited for certain types of websites. You can even opt for virtual and dedicated servers if that is what your business requires.

HostGator also offers these plans, along with unlimited disk space and bandwidth. There is also 99.9 percent website uptime guarantee, just like GoDaddy. The main benefit with HostGator when it comes to business sites is that the top range plan will offer businesses their own number which is toll-free and the ability to host an unlimited number of domains and anonymous FTPs. The plans names are easy to remember and aptly named to fit in with the HostGator main name.

HostGator also uses the standard cPanel when it comes to controlling everything and maintaining websites. This is so popular now because people find it extremely easy to use and it is also quick so that you can get everything that you need to in a matter of minutes, depending on how much you need to do, of course.

There have been many reports about the low quality for GoDaddy’s customer support, unlike HostGator’s. This is the main downside, especially when it comes to website hosting. Those people who are less technically knowledgeable may suffer due to the lack of support from the GoDaddy team. While there is a phone number, which is not toll-free, it can be a problem if you are put on hold for long periods or are struggling to get to the right member of staff to help you with your problem.

The control panel that GoDaddy uses is not the basic cPanel. Instead, they use their own and then have a second panel when it comes to your profile. This has confused a number of customers even though both do benefit from easy use. Databases are not as easy and quick to create as it would be with cPanel as they can take up to 10 minutes for each one to be created.

Host Gator Reviews

Users just can’t seem to say enough wonderful things about Hostgator Hosting.  Whether they are new to the hosting business, or a seasoned professional, everyone seems to love Hostgator.  Why? Maybe it is their dependable service with a 99.9% uptime.  Or perhaps it is because they offer the latest technology.   Still others praise them for their professional staff. Whatever the reason, Hostgator reviews are excellent.

Hostgator uses the latest technology in all of their packages.  All reviews say they are impressed with the top name technology that is used.  Reviewers say they feel secure knowing that their business is in the hands of true professionals. They say service is reliable.  One reviewer stated that he left his old company because his site was always going down.  He switched to Hostgator and has had no problems what so ever.  There have been mixed reviews on how easy it is to learn the technology. The company claims that their starts up wizard and control panels are user friendly, even for beginners.  However, some beginners are reporting having some difficulty when first learning the software.  But, they say that once they learned the software, it was smooth sailing from there.

A customer with an e-commerce business stated that he enjoys the free shopping carts, blogs and counters.  This customer said that with his old company he had to pay a little extra for these things.  Now, it is much easier for his customers to shop.  He uses blogs to market his business and allow customers to give feedback.  He takes advantage of the unlimited e-mail accounts so that he can have a different e-mail address for each subject such as customer support, advertising, etc.  He likes the counters because they enable him to keep track of visitors, which he uses to get an estimate on the amount of potential growth.

Hostgator claims to take steps to ensure that customer’s information is totally secure. To this end they have installed multi-layers of security.   There is password protection for e-commerce customer use.  They have installed spam blockers. Firewalls help protect systems from failing. And finally, the company does a routine weekly backup of all information.  Hostgator reviews reveal that the spam blocker is somewhat lacking. However, there have been no complaints about the most important protections such as fire walls, password protection, etc.

Finally, customers state that customer support is the best to be found anywhere.  Users say that the customer support staff is knowledgeable, friendly and professional.  Customer support can be reached via phone, e-mail or live chat.  Customers are happy that, when they call via phone, a live person answers.  This is rare in today’s world of automated answering services.  Customers say that Hostgator is quick to respond to e-mails.  The longest reported wait time for an e-mail answer was only twenty minutes.

Despite some minor issues of being somewhat difficult to learn software and a not so great spam blocker, customers seem very satisfied with this company.  Even those that reported having some minor issues gave this company the highest ratings.

HostGator Promo Codes

It is easy to save money and still have a quality product that is dependable. Hostgator has a guaranteed uptime of 99.9%.  Whether you are looking to start your own hosting business, or have an ecommerce site, Hostgator has several packages to meet your needs.

Hostgator offers three types of packages: Resell Hosting, VPS Hosting and Dedicated Hosting. All packages come with a hot list of free stuff.  Start up wizard software is free as well as CPanel, which enables the user to have complete control over their website. Users switching from another company to Hostgator can usually use their same Domain at no extra cost. No matter what package you choose, all come with unlimited domain names, emails, Bandwidth and disc space.

New users can save extra money by taking advantage of a Hostgator promo code.  These codes offer several money saving discounts.  Promo codes and specials are run frequently on the Hostgator website.  Most promo codes are good for 30 days to 90 days.  New customers need not worry about having the most recent promo codes.  Hostgator has the current codes pop up during the application process.

The current promo codes are gatorbargain and giantsaver.   Use gatorbargin to get $9.95 off any plan valued under $49.96.  This includes Baby Hosting and Hatchling Hosting.  Some plans only cost a penny for the first month, when this code is used.  New customers can take advantage of giantsaver to get 25% off their first order.

Besides using a Hostgator promo code, new users can save money with the current discount worth 20% off any new hosting plan.  This is good on the monthly cost of hosting and it does not matter how much the initial plan is valued at. In order to take the most advantage of this plan, customers are wise to sign up for more than one month at a time.

Hostgator values referrals.  Every referral that turns into a new customer gets a $50.00 reward (to the referee).   Regular users say that they are extremely happy with their service and have no problems with referring their friends and associates.

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